Help is on the way: If you booked your travel were redirected from our site to a provider’s web page to complete your booking, then you’ll need to touch-base with the provider directly. Not sure who your provider is? Check your credit card statements to see who charged your card.

Because we’re searching hundreds of other travel sites at once, sometimes there are accuracy issues from the information we’re receiving from those sites. Either the site isn’t updating their inventory with us, has given the wrong path or another traveler has booked the last available seat.

Because ComfoGo is a search engine, not a seller, we don’t have a refund policy — that’s handled solely by the provider that booked your trip. Not sure what company to talk to? Check your credit card statement and/or go to Bookings to locate your provider’s information.

Star ratings are provided by the hotels themselves as well as online travel agencies that sell hotel rooms. ComfoGo takes that information and displays what’s most accurate. We understand that some of these providers are more reliable than others and take this into account when displaying the number of stars.

All of our hotel reviews are by verified guests, so you know that what you’re reading is legit (and not the bellhop’s extended family trying to help boost reservations).

Prices change constantly so we always keep an eye on them. Subscribe for price alerts to stay informed of any price changes for the of your choice.

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